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Elimina el polvo, la suciedad y marcas de dedos ocasionales de todo tipo de pantallas Fórmula antiestática especial evita la acumulación de polvo Diseñado para un acabado non-abrasivo Especificaciones Paños de limpieza 100 PC material de fibra micro Dimensiones: 165 x 80 mm (diámetro) Peso neto : 0,2 kg Requisitos del sistema Instructions: Before using the cleaning wipes for the first time: 1.Open the top of the plastic bottle and cut the bag containing cleaning wipes 2.Take the wipe next to the middle one and draw it through the cross-shaped outlet of the plastic lid 3.Close the bottle again. Then, the wipes can be pulled one at a time through the outlet Attention: Flammable Contains isopropyl alcohol. Do not use near source of heat or flame May cause eye irritation If you get it in your eye, immediately flush the eye with water and contact a doctor Keep out of reach of children